Top 5 Indian Music Channels

Top 5 Indian Music Channels which give us a great mood to start our day. In childhood days we used to wait one whole week for Sunday mornings to hear our favorite songs on the TV show. But now it’s full change with Top 5 Indian Music Channels on television, Now just we need to to is by Tv remote we can watch any music channel to swing our mood with our favourite song. Here is a list of the Top 5 Indian Music Channels.

1.Music India

music india

Music India channel has started in 2006, in this channel we can hear and watch all types of songs. It is a 24-hour music channel that plays old exemplary tunes to the most recent delivery in Indian music. This channel also plays a new movie trailer named as “Just Trailers”.

2. Mastiii



Dispatched in July 2010, the music channel rose to prevalence because of its fine selections of playlists and shows. Mastiii plays Indian Bollywood moving tunes as well as broadcasts shows for jokes and chuckling. Numerous jokesters like Raju Srivastav, Annu Kapoor have their shows to make you grin. All things considered, a parody and music channel is an extraordinary thought.

3. Sony Music

sony music

Sony Music is another new channel, dispatched in 2011. Be that as it may, its remaining in the top ten says everything. The music station, possessed by Sony Entertainment Television Set is massively mainstream among melody darlings. It is a 24-hour channel, playing tunes, all things considered.

4.B4U Music

B4U music

B4U Music is perhaps the most mainstream TV directs in India. Claimed by B4U gathering, the music direct is broadcasted in numerous nations. The channel not just plays globally just as Bollywood tunes yet additionally airs the meetings and information on big names from media outlets.

5. Zing


Prior known as Music Asia, this channel is one of the most seasoned music directs in India. The direct was dispatched in 1997 however it revamped itself and returned with another name, Zing, in 2009. It plays the tune, everything being equal, and is incredibly mainstream in the country. It was otherwise called Zee Music.

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