Ritviz Top 6 Album Songs You Should Watch


Nowadays Indian music is full of young artists and they showed their talent through social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and also YouTube. Ritviz is basically from Pune Maharashtra he is a singer and DJ artist, Ritviz trained in Hindustani classical music trained. This is the main reason his songs got strong baselines. Ritviz Top 6 Album Songs You Should Watch.

He came into the form with his first song “Udd Gaye” and also the winner of Bacardi House Party Sessions in 2017. Ritviz’s songs are like which bring out our feelings with those emotional lyrics in his songs. Here is the list of Ritviz Top 6 Album Songs You Should Watch. You Should Watch. Also the link of his youtube channel RitvizĀ 

Udd Gaye


Udd Gaye is the Ritviz famous and hit song at a house party. All India Bakchod production company has done the collaboration with Ritviz. Udd gaye is AIB’s anthem for their house party and the lyrics “Hum toh udd gaye jab tum jhuke, tab se tum nazar mein aa ruke” gives the feeling of youth and make everyone go crazy and the song is so trippy and it gives you a happy high. This electronic beats and mind-blowing baseline which u need for a party house. Udd Gaye is in the top list of Ritviz Top 6 Album Songs.



Ritviz’s second Yuv album is his second extended play and in 2016 this song also got second place in the top 10 list of Shazam. Holding traditions it is very important to define his individuality as an actor. Extended-play contains the four tracks Bali, Taan, Jiti, and Yuv.



Beatific also a Ritviz one of the most famous house party songs in his list of albums. If you are going to a party then never miss adding this to your tracklist which gives us goosebumps and it includes electronic instruments beats. This is a great album by Ritviz. Beatific is in the 3rd list of Ritviz Top 6 Album Songs.



This is a song that wants to enjoy the music but not the lyrics in it. Mukti is also a collection of funky beats that are very special in composition. This is again based on the conventional Hindustani. You must listen to this song if you have not already.



One thing we know about Ritviz’s songs brings out every person’s emotional feelings and struggles of daily life. Roshni’s song is one among them which depicts the feeling of anger, conflict, sadness, and joy on faces. Nowadays youth are mainly concerned about the beats then lyrics so Ritviz’s songs are worth placing in our playlist. Roshni is in the list of top 5 of Ritviz’s Top 6 Album Songs.



Jeet song released in the year of 2018. This song gives you youth music with real emotions. The song “bahki sabhi zuban hai, hum hai hazaro mai, ab ki kami zara hai, hum hai hazaro mai”. Ritviz has beautifully crafted this song with a very modern day of music that is emotionally connected to the heart.

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