Indian Female YouTubers To Definitely Follow

Nowadays faster and cheap internet facility, Social media users becoming more like YouTubers who make videos with their unique talent and popular around the world by YouTube channel. So here are Indian Female YouTubers To Definitely Follow. These YouTubers have their own channels related to cooking, Technical, Baking, Book Vlog, etc. YouTube is one of the great platforms for youth by showing their hidden talent. Below is the list of Indian Female YouTubers To Definitely Follow.

1.MostlySane or Prajakta Koli

MostlySane or Prajakta Koli

Prajakta Koli is famous for her nickname MostlySane. Prajakta is one of the most popular Indian Female YouTubers in India right now. She has completed four years being as YouTuber with 3 million subscribers. Koli is known for her comedy sketches and uses the characters of Indian parents to bring humor into everyday incidents.  Prajaktahas recently collaborated with hugely popular Indo-Canadian YouTuber Superwomen or Lilly Singh. Prajakta Koli is a breath of fresh air and you’re missing out if you’re not following her on YouTube.

2. Aditi Mittal 

Aditi Mittal 

Aditi Mittal is one of the first female comedians in India. Mittal is real strays away from the safe and easy topics for her audience. Aditi is known for with 2.4million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Often talks about issues concerning women with her typical hilarious style of course. Aditi does her videos with no filters and says what she thinks. These are the reasons why she got popular as a stand-up comedian and as a YouTuber. Who is keeping it real then her channel is the place for you.

3. Girliyapa

. Girliyapa

Girliyap Is one of the popular channels on Indian Female YouTubers that runs by the women team. Before it has started by TheViral Fever(TVF) in 2015. This channel produces women-centric content that is very relatable but always has a dash of humor. Started by The Viral Fever (TVF) in 2015, Girliyapa is one of the popular channels on Youtube that is run by an all-women team. It produces women-centric content that is very relatable but always has a dash of comedy.

4. Neeti Palta

Neeti Palta

Neeti Palta is another comedian YouTuber in India, she is one we should definitely follow for that stress-busting laugh. She has her audience in splits whether it’s life or through her youtube channel. She is basically from Punjab so through her tone and Punjabi mannerisms she got an unmissable talent. Neeti has 1.98million subscribed followers.

5.RJ Sukriti

RJ sukruti

RJ Sukriti has a bubbly but fierce personality. She is a comedian to keep us entertained with laughter and she will also make witty and sarcastic videos on Hardik Pandya and his sexism. She has over a 1.74million subscribers.

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