Your Name Movie Release Date, Budget, Cast, Crew and Story

Your name

Your Name Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Crew. Your Name is a Anime , Drama , Fantasy movie in Japanese directed by Makoto Shinkai. Ryunosuke Kamiki an actor in Japanese  film industry acted in his upcoming movie Your Name with famous actors like Mone Kamishiraishi actor in Japanese film industry acted in upcoming movie Your Name Movie Makoto Shinkai directed this movie which set hopes for a Block Buster. The Your Name has been set to release on 2023. So below are the details of the Your Name Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Crew.

Your Name Movie Budget

Your Name overall budget is Approx 750 million. A fantastic ensemble has been assembled for this picture, and the inclusion of  Ryunosuke Kamiki and  Mone Kamishiraishi may well propel it into the 500 clubs, something no hindi film production has achieved yet.


Hero : Ryunosuke Kamiki

Heroine : Mone Kamishiraishi

Supporting Actor :  NA

Genre  Anime , Drama , Fantasy


Directed by : Makoto Shinkai

Produced by :  Kōichirō Itō Katsuhiro Takei

Edited by : Makoto Shinkai

Cinematography : Makoto Shinkai 

Music by :  Hesham Abdul Wahab

Your Name Movie Actor

Ryunosuke Kamiki

Ryunosuke Kamiki

Japanese actor and voice actor Ryunosuke Kamiki began his acting career as a child actor, appearing in commercials, TV shows, and movies. In the Mamoru Oshii-directed movie “The Sky Crawlers” from 2008, Kamiki played the primary character, Yuichi Kannami, in one of his most illustrious roles. Also, he has voiced characters in a number of anime movies and TV shows, such as “Spirited Away,” “Howl’s Moving Castle,” and “Summer Wars.”

Mone Kamishiraishi

Mone Kamishiraishi

Mone Kamishiraishi is a Japanese actress and singer. While she started acting in 2012, Makoto Shinkai’s critically praised film “Your Name” marked her breakthrough performance. The character of Mitsuha Miyamizu, a teenage girl who switches bodies with a boy from Tokyo in the film “Your Name.,” was voiced by Kamishiraishi.

Your Name Movie Trailer

Ryunosuke Kamiki, an action hero performed outstandingly in Your Name  in this   Anime , Drama , Fantasy movie. His epic look brought a great vision. YRF is known for producing espionage films, and it is believed to be a part of the YRF universe. Tailer is yet to be released.

Your Name Movie Story

Your Name Movie is an  Anime , Drama , Fantasy movie with important roles for Ryunosuke Kamiki and Mone Kamishiraishi, was directed by Makoto Shinkai. A high school student from a rural village named Mitsuha (Mone Kamishiraishi) and a young man from Tokyo named Taki (Ryûnosuke Kamiki) begin to inhabit each other’s bodies at odd intervals throughout the day. A peculiar friendship then starts to take shape.

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