Blade Movie Release Date, Budget, Cast, Crew and Story


Blade Movie Date, Trailer, Cast, and Crew. Blade is a  Action , Adventure , Horror movie in English directed by Yann Demange. Mahershala Ali an actor in Hollywood film industry acted in his upcoming movie Blade with famous actors like Delroy Lindo, Aaron Pierre actors in Hollywood film industry acted in upcoming movie Blade Movie Yann Demange directed this movie which set hopes for a Block Buster. The Blade  has been set to release on 3 November 2023. So below are the details of the Blade Movie Date, Trailer, Cast, and Crew.

Blade Movie Budget

Blade overall budget is Approx 4.5 crores USD. A fantastic ensemble has been assembled for this picture, and the inclusion of  Mahershala Ali and Delroy Lindo  may well propel it into the 500 clubs, something no Hollywood film production has achieved yet


Hero : Mahershala Ali, Delroy Lindo

Heroine :  NA

Supporting Actor : Aaron Pierre

Genre:  Action , Adventure , Horror


Directed by :  Yann Demange

Produced by : Wesley Snipes, Peter Frankfurt, Robert Engelman

Edited by : Leigh Folsom Boyd

Cinematography : Damián García

Music by : Dave Jordan

Blade Movie Actor

Mahershala Ali

Mahershala Ali, an English actor well known for playing the dapper secret agent James Bond in Casino Royale (2006), gave the otherwise uninteresting character emotional undertones. With films like The Golden Compass (2007) and Quantum of Solace, in which he returned to his role as Bond, he gained more recognition (2008). The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (2011) are two of his more recent productions (2011). He appeared in Skyfall, the 23rd Bond film, in 2012. The film, which Sam Mendes directed, was a big hit, and Craig won numerous awards and praise for his work.

Delroy Lindo


Delroy Lindo exudes a commanding presence on stage and in front of the camera that is nearly impossible to miss. Lindo’s performance as the manic numbers boss West Indian Archie in Spike Lee’s Malcolm X (1992) is what first garnered attention to his remarkable talents, despite the fact that it was not his first film role. His star has been gradually rising ever since.

Blade Movie Trailer

Mahershala Ali, an action hero performed outstandingly in Blade in this Action , Adventure , Horror  movie. The MCU Blade reboot’s plot specifics have not yet been made public or even hinted at. Some of Blade’s history and how he got to be a vampire hunter are probably going to be included, but Eric will probably spend the majority of the film as an established and skilled hunter. His epic look brought a great vision. YRF is known for producing espionage films, and it is believed to be a part of the YRF universe. Enjoy the trailer.


Blade Movie Story

Blade Movie is a Action , Adventure , Horror  movie, with important roles for Mahershala Ali  and Delroy Lindo, was directed by Yann Demange. During the height of China’s resistance campaign against Japan in World War II, a handful of brave people create an underground espionage network directly in front of the newly installed puppet government. The double-agents collect sensitive information from well behind enemy lines at tremendous risk to their own lives.

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