Best Disney Princess Movies Dubbed In Hindi

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As babies, we all grown up watching Disney Princess Movies, for many years Disney giving us many Princess movies like Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and The Beast, and others. Many of these movies are re-made by Disney. All movies are made by Hollywood and it’s tough to understand the language because as small kids it’s tough to understand in English. This is the reason the Bollywood industry dubbed in Hindi. Best Disney Princess Movies Dubbed In Hindi. Between 1937 and 1959 Disney released three films based on the character of Princess. Later Disney continues to release new movies based on Princess now and then, Also Disney has come with more new names like Moana And Frozen than Princess. So here is the list of Best Disney Princess Movies Dubbed In Hindi

1.Beauty And The Beast

beauty and the beast

Beauty and beast are the Best Disney Princess Movie. Disney movies are beautifully drawn using the techniques of both traditional animation and computers. Disney studio has created the best songs ever compare to animation. Beauty and the Beast is one of the greatest hand-drawn animations without the same music. This movie is almost near to perfection. This is the story of a most beautiful and charming Belle and the Prince one who is inside the beast’s body. It is one of the most successful movies in Best Disney Princess Movies. The movie has received the highest reviews. Till now no movie can beat Beauty and the Beast. The movie is available in Disney+Hotstar and Prime video.



This movie is the story of Moana,  Moana claims she is not a princess but according to Maui if she wears a dress and an animal sidekick then she looks like a princess. Moana is the daughter of the cooker, it makes her a princess. This movie animation is very beautiful and the movie background is like the ocean feels as wide and here it does in reality. It is one of the great addition to the Best Disney Princess Movies. Fans have accepted this movie and the movie got good reviews from the audience.

3. Frozen


If your the lover of watching a Best Disney Princess Movies and when you hear the word “Let it Go” then first comes to your mind that the Disney Princess movie is Frozen. In this movie, we have heard “Let it Go” more than many times which we can not count. This movie has done the perfect acting balance from start to end of the movie. It is one of the 3D animated movies. This movie is not only an entertaining movie for kids but also a Frozen movie loved by adults. Should watch this movie once without missing it. The movie is currently available to watch on Netflix and Disney+Hotstar.

4. Mulan


Mulan is one of the unique movies in Best Disney Princess Movies. Also, Mulan is unique and drawn very beautiful. Mulan perfectly did the princess character according to the rules of being a Disney Princess. It is a Disney action movie with the princess title. Eddie Murphy is very funny in this movie and his sidekick has no Genie. Mulan animated movie is available in Disney+Hotstar.



Cinderella is one of the 2nd Best Disney Princess Movies which loved by many audiences all around the world. This movie hitting theaters in 1950. Her unique stands in the center of Walt Disney World’s  Magic Kingdom and it is the best known of all western fairy tales. Till now this movie has a good end and the movie has a nice twist. Her glass of sandal makes the most famous princess story ever. The movie has won millions of hearts. In 2015 Disney made a live adaptation movie but it dint get the expected reviews than the original one. This movie is available on YouTube and Disney+Hotstar.

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