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Here you can see the list of Most Popular Indians On Twitter for the year 2021. Nowadays social media is a technology-based system so we can access it through mobile, computers, tab, and laptops. It has an internet-based that we can get quick information around the world. Social media facilitates the sharing of ideas, thoughts, information, etc. You can have a look at the Most Popular Indians On Twitter profiles and now the top Twitter gainer is PM Narendra Modi.

narendra modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the only one who has more than a 50million followers on Twitter so he is on the 1st list of most popular Indians on Twitter. Another popular Indian on Twitter is from Bollywood and cricket background.

Twitter handle: @narendramodi

Followers:55.7 Million

Amithab bachan

Amitabh Bachchan is a top celebrity in India so he is on the 2nd list of most popular Indians on Twitter. He is one of the greatest actors in Btown and his fans call him BIGB.


Twitter handle: @SrBachchan

Followers: 41.6Million

salman khan

Twitter handle: @BeingSalmanKhan

Followers: 39 Million

sharukh khan

Twitter handle: @iamsrk

Followers: 40 Million


Twitter handle: @akshaykumar

Followers: 35.5 Million

Virat Kohli

Twitter handle: @imVkohli

Followers: 34.6 Million


Twitter handle: @PMOIndia

Followers: 34.4 Million


Twitter handle: @sachin_rt

Followers: 32.1 Million

Hrithik roshan

Twitter handle: @iHrithik

Followers: 28.1 Million

Twitter handle: @deepikapadukone

Followers: 27.1 Million

Deepika Padukone is on the top list in the female most popular used on Twitter so she has the highest fan followers on social media.

What is Twitter Account?

A Twitter account is a personal profile uses in social media like Facebook, Instagram. Twitter Account holder can share his/her photos, videos, information, thoughts, or ideas in less than 140 characters. These social media accounts are usually public and also we can make settings by keeping them private as well so Twitter accounts are usually public like everyone has access to what users have Tweeted or Retweeted.

What is Twitter Monitoring?

The Twitter analytics tool is used for Twitter monitoring like hackers suite to monitor the platform both actively and passively. Passive Twitter monitoring can be paying attention to what people tell to locate like Twitter user’s preferences, hobbies, etc. Active Twitter monitoring is finding links to specific sites, brands, businesses, media, etc.

What is the Process of Twitter Monitoring?

To analysis our Twitter accounts and the competition, we used the Twitter Monitoring tool so You can observe the growing process of the number of Twitter followers. Gain helpful insights into current audiences for Twitter campaigns.

Twitter Profiles Monitoring

If you want to find a currently monitored Twitter Account in India then this page will help you out. Here we have listed the most popular Indians on Twitter Accounts so If you want to gain valuable insights into these Twitter Accounts or others then you can use this  Twitter monitoring tool.

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