5 Best Netflix Shows

5 Best Netflix shows to watch every week with new series to check out. You will still find a lot of great comedy on the streaming service. Here is the 5 best Netflix shows list which has classics and recent hits on the streamer. You will also find favorites like The Witcher, Money Heist, and The Umbrella Academy in our list of the best Netflix TV shows.


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This bold and sexually-charged Netflix period drama, placed on Julia Quinn’s romantic novels, has quickly become the talk of the ‘gobs’. It has placed in the 5 best Netflix shows. It follows a circle of young socialites as they operate a season of balls, betrothals, and betrayals in 1813 London. And attempt to outmaneuver the symbolic Lady Whistledown, whose ‘gossip sheets’ are able to make or break a debutante’s privilege overnight. This show is in the 1st list of 5 best Netflix shows.
It’s not all smooth sailing, unusually in its burdensome treatment of sexual assault in one horribly memorable episode. Disposed the talent on board, and the generally warm reception, we hope the show’s creatives can treat its bonding with a bit more care in just-confirmed season 2 of the show.

2.Cobra Kai


Once a YouTube original, Netflix recently restore the rights to Karate Kid preservation TV show Cobra Kai. Set 34 years after Johnny Lawrence was conquered by Danny LaRusso, the former opens the Cobra Kai dojo once more to teach an upcoming generation of kids how to fight.  If you love Karate Kid then this show has a lot of fun, and both its leads are in exceptionally great condition considering they’re each performing fight stunts in their fifties. Season 3 just released on Netflix, and Cobra Kai season 4 is in the works, too.

3.Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


One of the great shows where the name alone might’ve put people off. Silly Ex-Girlfriend is a clan favorite musical comedy-drama filmmaker and star, Rachel Bloom. That mostly isn’t what you think it is. Bloom plays Rebecca, a lawyer who puts her high-flying life away makes to win back her ex-boyfriend by traveling across the country. But while you might think a lot about the show from that premise, its real magic comes in how the series search the refinement of its complicated main character – mainly in later seasons. The music numbers, too, are caustic and phenomenally produced. Here’s one highlight if you want to be convinced to check out this funny, sometimes dark, and compelling series.

4.Tiny Pretty Things


As the title of the show casually suggests, Tiny Pretty Things. Itis about the everyday horrors that feels for the sake of success. At the notably tough Manhattan Dance Academy, a messenger belt of top-tier talent. We see the adversity endured by its students. It’s terribly competitive, full of deception and so many cripple toenails.But still manages to be fun, despite its unsettling edge.

5.Alice in Borderland


Strongly in the category of ‘best Netflix shows that came out of nowhere’. Alice in Borderland is a fun show about a trio of weird friends. Negligently find themselves in a parallel version of Tokyo. After masking from police in a social bathroom. The friends then have to complete a whole host of cruel games to survive this is a violent show but a lot of fun. Great holiday viewing if you want to zone out and enjoy some well-choreographed attack. It’s a reworking of a manga – and it really feels like it. Here is the link to watch the Bollywood Netflix show with friends
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